Are Bed Bugs Common?

Beg bugs have seen a resurgence in America since the mid 1990’s. The pests were common up until the 1940’s, before they were nearly eradicated. Then, for several decades, they were nearly unheard of. As a result, there hasn’t been extensive research on them. This is also partially because bed bugs don’t carry diseases, so they’ve been passed over in favor of more dangerous, disease-carrying insects.

The full answer to the question of whether bed bugs are common or not is that it depends on the area. Urban areas have the biggest problems with bed bugs, mostly because of their troublesome ability to move quickly from one building to another through the walls. Apartment residents in New York and other large cities are now battling bed bugs more frequently than anywhere else in the world. The close vicinity of these buildings allows infestations to spread quickly, and re-infestations are exceedingly common as well. When bed bugs hit a particular area, many apartment tenants spend months fighting the recurring infestations. It’s also very common for people to move to another apartment in an effort to escape bed bugs and bring an infestation with them.

Bed bugs grab onto luggage and clothing surprisingly easily, and this means tourist sites and world travel centers are also some of the most susceptible locations for infection. The “beg bug epidemic” is a recently reported phenomenon in hotel rooms across the world. The problem is reported to be worst in Europe and on the east coast of the United States. It’s become so bad in the last few years that there are actually stories of hotel visitors waking up with dozens, or even hundreds of bites. These aren’t exaggerations either, as there have actually been lawsuits filed in some cases and documented evidence and images of the bites.

Simple Bed Bug Tips For Travelers

There are website “bed bug” registries where people who have spotted bed bugs can post the time and date of their sighting, along with the name of the hotel. This might be useful as a precaution when planning a trip, as it would be important to know whether the place you’re visiting is also a frequent locale for bed bugs. As stated above, world travel centers and urban areas are the most dangerous areas for bed bugs.

Do some research to find out if infestations are frequently reported in the area you’re visiting. If so, there are definitely some ways to make your trip a bit safer. You can bring a portable bed bug spray to deter the pests from biting you in your sleep, many of which are non-toxic and organic products. Try to find a hotel with a clean record, and if you’re visiting an urban area, consider the possibility of finding a hotel out of the main flow of tourism. If you can find a building that stands by itself, with no adjoining structures, you’re probably better off. Also, make sure to inspect your room carefully, looking for eggs or empty shells around the corners of the walls, under the furniture, light switches, and side boards, and in the seams of the mattress.