Do Bed Bugs Jump or Fly?

Can Bed Bugs Jump or Fly?

Many people wonder whether bed bugs can jump or fly. It’s understandable to be concerned, because if bed bugs could jump or fly, an infestation would be much harder to manage. Luckily, these little pests can’t jump or fly, which may alleviate many people’s concerns about how easily they can spread to or attack new areas.

Since bed bugs are limited to moving on the ground, you should know that any pesticides you use don’t need to be applied directly to mattresses or sofas if they haven’t been infested yet. That fact may be comforting to some. The idea of dousing your resting place with potentially toxic insecticides while you sleep is not an appealing one. Instead, bed bug killers can be spread or sprayed around the perimeter of your furniture, as long as you make sure to move it away from the wall.

Diatamoceous Earth is a particularly well known beg bug killing solution. It comes in a powder that can be dusted throughout the corners of a room, and around all of your furniture. Lightly sprinkling it around your bed will make sure that any critters crawling to and from your bed will pick some of it, and begin the dehydration process that will kill them in just a few days time. Diatamoceous Earth is also non-toxic and pet friendly.

Since bed bugs can’t jump or fly, many people have devised some effective ways of preventing their spreading while dealing with an infestation.

  • Tape the legs of your bed, or put them in jars of soapy water or alcohol, which will prevent the bed bugs from crawling up into your mattress. Just make sure the bed is pulled away from the wall, and the sheets don’t drape down onto the floor, and you’ll be secure from bed bugs reaching any clean mattresses in your house.
  • Double-sided tape can also be useful for other types of furniture in your house, such as sofas.

For Travelers: Tips on Reducing Unwanted Passengers

Travelers also ought to be conscious of the fact that bed bugs can’t jump or fly. Because bed bugs’ mode of transportation is so limited, there are some ingenious ways of reducing the risk of picking one up.

  • If you’re traveling and you think there’s a risk of bed bugs, just keep away from the luggage rack and put your clothes on the table instead. The luggage rack is a known high-risk area for bed bugs. It provides just the type of environment that bed bugs love to gather in, and if any traveler comes in with a bed bug, it will likely end up at the luggage rack.

Remember, whenever you’re dealing with potential bed bug problems, that bed bugs do not jump or fly. This basic limitation should be a part of your survival and treatment strategy. You can even use this fact to help you identify potential bed bugs. If you’re not sure whether your bug problem is actually a bed bug problem, just check to see if the insect in question has wings, or can jump.