Bedbug Dog Training and Sales

Are you a PCO in need of your first bed bug detection dog?
Do you need a second or third dog, and want only the best?
Do you want the very best in trained bedbug detection dogs?
Are you willing to invest in being part of an unbeatable team?

If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

ACES offers Labrador Retrievers trained for the sole purpose of detecting and alerting on live bedbugs or viable eggs. All dogs have a five year genetic health guarantee.  ACES bed bug detection dogs are personally tested for drive, hunting ability, endurance, and discipline.  Our handler’s course is taught by a Senior Trainer with years of experience in canines and scent-detection training.

Once you have purchased a bed bug dog from us you will receive an invitation to our handler’s course that will be held at our Canton, GA, training facility. Your course will be scheduled to meet your needs.  During the course you will learn how to work your dog as well as basic record keeping, animal safety and first-aid.  We will teach you the essentials of bed bugs.  We will also review best business practices from A-to-Z.

  • During the course you will be taught how to work your bed bug detection dog under various conditions, how to read, and understand your dog’s behavior.
  • You and your canine will learn to work as a fine tuned team.
  • You and your canine teammate will pass the most rigorous certification testing in the industry, becoming a fully-certified bed bug detection team.

Upon leaving our state-of-the-art-facility, you and your teammate will be ready willing and able to work as a team detecting bed bugs. ACES will not leave its customers with questions about bed bug detection or using your canine. You and your team will also be invited to come back to our facility for a refresher course and re-certification every year to learn about any new techniques or progressive developments. You will have access to a secure website where our staff will promptly answer any question you have regarding your dog or work bed bug detection. You will have phone and email access to our staff to assist in any issues as they occur. Hear what other customers have to say about working with ACES in our bed bug dog testimonial videos.

The Difference in ACES Bed Bug Dogs

In addition to the training you receive, your ACES bed bug dog is going to be a toy trained canine, ready to work for you. The aspect of being toy driven, rather than a food driven dog, is a point of differentiation you will find with all of ACES’ bed bug dogs. Food driven dogs are the common way people train in today’s pest control industry, however, at ACES we believe you get better work from a dog that is not depending on working to be able to eat.

In food driven dogs, the handler leads the dog around the room, pointing out the various places for the dog to seek the presence of bed bugs. With an ACES lab, the dog does all the work – we train them to work on their own, not being led to the suspected areas and told where to search – it lowers the chances of missing live bed bugs.

Because of the way a food driven dog works, many times clients may think that the handler is simply leading the dog around – and this is actually pretty accurate. Food driven dogs only get to eat when they work, so they tend to be very hungry, and the effectiveness of their work depends almost fully on the skills of the handler knowing how to lead the dog around the room. If the handler misses a spot, so does the food driven bed bug dog – and this can leave you with problems.

ACES bed bug dogs will search a room by themselves, and the handler is there to help point out any missed areas. When the dog finds live bed bugs, it is rewarded with a toy – so their drive and ability to work is not hampered or affected by feelings of hunger.
The difference, and effectiveness in using toy drive training, is clear to see: check out Lucky happily going to work in this video. This is a bed bug dog that truly loves his work!

A limited  number  of dogs are available now for immediate delivery and training:  for $8,950.00  For questions or to reserve your dog now contact us.