Atlanta Bedbug Detection

ACES bed bug dog, GilroyAllow ACES to put your mind at ease, where bed bugs are concerned.

ACES uses a certified canine bed bug detection team to serve the hospitality industry, retail and residential customers. Our focus is on bedbug detection. We are currently offering bedbug detection services to the greater Atlanta area – please contact us for more information.

Our hope is that there is no evidence of bedbugs in your home or establishment.  If, however, we do find evidence, we will assist you in finding the right treatment. Bedbug incidents have risen incrementally over the last few years. This pest can be found anywhere: from five-star hotels to movie theaters, and even on buses or in hospitals. Bed bug detection dogs are often the smartest and most cost effective way to combat the problem.

Bedbugs are in no way related to cleanliness. Most researchers believe that bedbugs incidents are on the rise due to more frequent international travel and ineffective treatments. Recent studies also show that bedbugs have developed immunities to some older treatments.

Why Choose ACES’ Teams for Bed Bug Detection in the Greater Atlanta Area?

  • Discreet service
  • ACES has only highly trained, certified teams
  • Our dogs are Labrador Retrievers – the finest breed for this work
  • The accuracy of visual inspection has been placed anywhere from 40% to 60% – Trained scent detection dogs (like our bed bug detection dogs) have shown an accuracy rate of over 97%
  • The odor of bedbugs can be detected – even in walls! – using canines
  • Our dedication to quality is backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • Save on costs of destroying furniture or carpet: find and treat the problem, not the whole area

ACES cares about you and your guests – or you and your home, or your students, patients or customers…no matter where you find the problem or suspect it may be, our handler-led dog teams are available to assist you in the detection or verification of live bedbugs and viable eggs. We can also do follow-up visits to determine the efficacy of treatments.

We offer on-call or regularly scheduled visits, customized to your needs. Contact us to discuss those needs, and to learn how ACES can help you solve your bedbug issues.  

Areas Served by ACES Bedbug Dog Detection Teams Include (but are not limited to):

The Greater Atlanta Area – Fulton County, Alpharetta, East Point, Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Conyers, and more. Includes outlying areas, such as Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, Acworth, Douglasville, Mableton, Lawrenceville and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Commercial or Residential Inspections

  • Discreet and complete – if we find evidence of live bed bugs, we help you find the best solution.
  • Protect guests and family in your home – inspect after returning from vacations or coming home from college or camp.
  • Inspect dormitories and shared sleeping areas.
  • Inspect vehicles and areas where people are passing through heavily.
  • Inspect waiting rooms and communal greeting areas.

If you suspect a problem, put your mind at ease using ACES bed bug dogs to determine if there are live bed bugs on site or not.

Call toll free: (866) 385-7354