Bed Bug Info Articles

ACES believes that education  Рin both bed bug habits and behaviors as well as methods of bed bug detection Рis often the key to solving bed bug related problems.

We have written and compiled the following articles regarding the subject of bed bugs. Included will be methods of spotting bed bugs in your home or while you travel, how effective different bed bug remedies might be, how to treat bed bug bites and kill them once you find evidence of infestation.

If there are any bed bug related articles you would like us to research and create for you to help further your own understanding, we encourage you to let us know.

To read any of the following articles, simply click on the link.

Bed Bug Dogs in Action Videos

If you have never seen a bedbug dog work, it is something you need to see. In the following video clips, our trainers will show you some of how our dogs are trained to alert on live bedbugs. If you would like more information on bed bug dogs, contact us.

Ray and Lucky: Testing a Bed Bug Dog’s Ability to Work Alone

In this video, Lucky alerts on bed bugs planted in a testing environment, while Senior Trainer Ray Figueroa explains some of the training ideas and selection techniques used by ACES in vetting their bed bug dogs.