Organic Bed Bug Cures

For those dealing with a home infestation who are concerned with the safety of their products, the choices may seem more limited, but there are actually several excellent solutions.

Your options start with home-made preventative measures, which are frequently used to deter the spread of a bed bug infestation. Double-sided carpet tape or duct tape can be wrapped around the legs of your bed frame, which will catch the bugs as they try to crawl up to your mattress. Just make sure your sheets aren’t touching the ground, and this will deter bed bugs from spreading to your bed. If your apartment complex is known to have an infestation that hasn’t reached your residence yet, this also provides a measure of safety.

Other common options are mattress and pillow covers. The seams of your mattress provide a favorite hiding place for bed bugs, and cutting them off from this location means they’re also farther away from their favorite food source, you. Many companies make similar products, and bedding stores are a good place to shop around. If you need covers for your sofa or box spring, these are available as well.

If the infestation is already a threat to your residence, there some completely organic, pet-safe bed bug killing powders. Some of these come in larger industrial sizes, while others are simply made for deterrence while traveling. All of them are pet safe, which can be a big concern for some people, so if you try other products always check this requirement.

  • One of the leading products in the market is Diatomeceous Earth. It’s a dust that comes in a 3 pound container for only $18 on Amazon. It’s also non-toxic and completely pet safe. In fact, some farmers treat internal parasites by feeding their animals D.E. Just spread it around the baseboards and corners of your home, and any bed bug that comes into contact with it will dry up and die. Diatemeceous Earth is made from the fossils of freshwater organisms, which are ground into a fine dust that kills insects by scratching their outer shell and causing water loss.
  • Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is another great product, especially for travelers. This one can be sprayed directly on luggage, mattresses, or other accessories to kill bed bugs and other small insects. It comes in a travel-size bottle, which can provide some peace of mind at hotels. The pleasant cinnamon smell means it won’t disturb your sleep or leave a nasty mess behind. It’s also environmentally friendly, as a natural, non-pesticide product.
  • Kleen Free Naturally is a similar product, but with a more industrial purpose. It’s used by pest control companies and cleaning professionals. It’s also used as a cleaning spray at restaurants and hotels, because it’s a cleaning solution as well as non-toxic insect killer.
  • Bed Bug Bully is a spray that comes in a 10x concentrated formula, and in sizes that are up to 5 gallons. It’s allergen free, and has no harmful effects on people or plants. This solution is perfect for landlords or hotel owners, because you can order it in such high volume.

Lastly, heat treatments are the most professional way to deal with bed bugs. Bed bugs can’t deal with high temperatures, and if an infestation is persistent or widespread, this can definitely be the best option. A certified service provider will often mix this with a chemical treatment, but the effect is bolstered when they seal off the area and run hot air into it. This provides assurance that the issue is dealt with.