About ACES

Billie the bedbug dog

Bed bugs in a “trusted” environment is not the way to build trust and loyalty
We understand the trauma and pain it can bring – it brought us together to find a solution.

ACES provides the finest, most highly trained bed bug detection dogs, products and services to attack the growing bed bug epidemic.

Motivated by the firsthand knowledge of bed bugs in top line hotels and businesses, we feel fate may have played a part in fusing our backgrounds for the purpose of helping you – the hospitality industry – to protect your valuable reputation and standing. Combining individual specialties in canine breeding and training, medicine, scientific analysis and progressive business development, our expertise gives you a unique approach to solving a an increasingly common problem. But bedbugs can be beaten and we will show you how.

ACES Labs (Labradors trained for bed bug detection) are now actively patrolling and detecting bedbugs as part of pest control teams in all of the following states: Georgia, New York, Louisiana, Tennessee, Hawaii, Ohio, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and North Dakota.
There are also active ACES Labs now working in Canada, eh!

An ACES Lab Helps Keep Your Customer’s Trust

The personal and painful experience of being bitten by bedbugs in a hotel bed or any public area can leave the person feeling helpless. It can shatters trust – ruining the good name that took years to build. ACES works hard for you so that you keep your consumer loyalty. Our core value is to provide the best bed bug detection dogs, products and services in every situation. You can relax, knowing you are working with an experienced, dependable and compassionate company that you can TRUST.

When you contact an ACES professional you can expect friendly, knowledgeable staff eager to understand and help solve your unique problems. We handle each interaction with professionalism and discretion. We will protect your privacy and confidentiality while we work with you to tailor-fit the best solution for your individual needs.

Working with ACES, you will see that the horror of a bed bug infestation has a unique solution. More importantly, that bed bugs are a problem that can be beaten. You will also discover a company founded on a willingness to listen, with the experience needed to solve your bed bug problems. You will find bed bug detection dogs, associated products and services that offer you the same level of sustained excellence that you provide your customers. For more information, contact us today.

We are now training teams in small groups. 

This allows more one on team training.

We currently have a limited number of bed bug scent detection dogs available for immediate delivery.  These beautiful, skilled dogs are available for  an investment of $8,950.00

ACES is Driven By Quality

The difference in using ACES for your bedbug dog needs, is that ACES was built on the premise of finding and developing high quality solutions for a growing bed bug problem. You see this commitment to quality in our canines – for each one is hand-picked, and professionally vetted to ensure your partner has the drive and the ability to deliver results. Our bed bug dog training is rigorous, and driven to work for you in a variety of real-world situations.

We believe that quality teams are led by quality canines and properly trained handlers, and we won’t settle for less. We are very proud of our bed bug dogs and the teams they are serving.

You see our commitment to quality in the service we provide. If you have a question about your canine, you will be able to call ACES or shoot us an email, and we’ll help you get through it – long after the training sessions are complete. We know there are going to be some challenging situations you face in the field, and our trainers are here to help you stay in control of the team. If you have a question about how to position your canine detection services or remediation as a part of your pest control business, we are willing to help you find all the information you need. See testimonials of our bed bug dog customers.

We are proud to be strong in helping those that lead the fight against bed bugs. We encourage you to learn more about ACES, and how bed bug canine detection services can help you to protect your own establishment, shared environment or home.